Using The Wiki

Using the Wiki


The main thing you need to know is that WordsWrittenLikeThis are interpreted by the wiki as links to other wiki pages and will show up on the page as a link with "Words Written Like This" between the <a> tags. If I type TestPage then a link to a page entitled TestPage will appear. If that page does not exist, a question mark will appear after the word in the page I am editing, and if I click on the question mark I will have the ability to create the new page by typing in some content and saving it.

If you want to type in WordsLikeThis and have them not become a link, or if you want to prevent any text from being interpreted by the wiki, then place it between three curly braces - '{{{ ...}}}'. If you want an external link to another page, just type in the url and it will become a link automatically. The same is true for email addresses - which should be safe from bots here because this page is only accessible to authorized individuals.

To place an image into the page, use the tag "img:" followed by the url of the image. You can also do "imgl:", "imgc:", or "imgr:" depending on how you want to align the image.

Formatting Wiki Text

HTML tags will not be honored by the wiki and will instead be displayed as regular text. However, there are a limited number of formatting styles that you are permitted to use.

  • Emphasizing text:
    • Use two single-quotes on either side of some text for italics
    • Use three for boldface
    • Use up to 6 underscores on either side of text to create subheadings. Be sure to use the same number on either side - the number of underscores denotes the <h#> level.
  • Lists
    • Use * for bulleted lists
    • Use # for numbered lists
    • The number of spaces before the list-type character denotes indentation level
    • Use spaces at the beginning of a line to indent blocks of text even if you are not creating a list
  • Other features
    • Four or more dashes - '----' - denote horizontal lines of increasing thickness
    • Text enclosed in two curly braces - '{{...}}' - will be printed in a uniform font, and all the whitespace will be preserved, allowing you to create tables
    • Text between two square brackets - '[[...]]' - will be saved but will not appear on the page. This is useful as a comment for those editing the page.


You can store files you want to put on the wiki using the upload link. The files are then available in the directory Please do not abuse the upload script by uploading personal files!

The wiki runs on a python script called MonkeyWiki, modified by me in various ways such as making the menu part of the wiki and editable and adding the "This page" links. If you want to learn more about MonkeyWiki? go to their site. If you want the source to this wiki software, tell me and I'll give it to you.